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We offer the best local automatic and manual driving lessons!


Matt Shurmer Driving School Intensive Fast Track Driving lessons

Intensive Driving Course

Matt Shurmer Driving School offers Intensive Courses ranging from a short 6-hour course, for someone who has recently failed a test, up to the 36- hour course for the complete novice driver.

Our instructor's will also carry out an assessment of your driving skills to recommend to you the course most suited to your ability level.

Before we book your Fast Track Intensive Course and before booking your practical test, we will do an 2- hour assessment costing from £60.

The Benefits

The Intensive course provides you with the opportunity to learn to drive in a short period of time. 

Not all students will need the same course.

Some pupils may have already taken lessons with a driving instructor or practised with a family member.

Others will be at the start of their learning and should take a longer course. 

Matt Shurmer Driving School instructors will give you an assessment lesson of 2- hours and then advise on the best course for you, based on your previous experience and your ability. 

Hour- Long Pricing

All of our Intensive Courses are priced by the hour (not by the lesson- some local schools sell in 50- minute lessons).

This can mean a difference of up to 6 hours of training!!

Booking the Practical Driving Test

When you book one of our Intensive Courses we will arrange your practical driving test for the last day of the course. 

The practical driving test fee (currently £62) is included in your course fees. 

To book your practical test with the DVSA you must have passed your theory test within the previous 2 years, have a valid provisional driving license and be able to read a car number plate at 20 metres (65 feet). 

One-2-One In- Car Tution

Unlike lots of local schools, we always provide exclusive individual tuition. 

Our tuition is all car- based so you won't spend time in a classroom environment.

All of your learning will take place on the road.

The Cars We Use

Your Intensive Course can be taken in a manual or automatic car, which are new, fully equipped and dual controlled. 


2- Hour Assessment Lesson

Manual: £62.00

Automatic: £64.00

1 Day (6- hour) Intensive Course inc test fee of £62 (payable to the DVSA)

For someone who was not successful on test and requires a refresher or confidence training.

Manual: £248.00

Automatic:  £254.00

2 Day (12- hour) Intensive Course inc test fee of £62 (payable to the DVSA)

You need to be at or near test standard. 

Manual: £434.00

Automatic: £446.00

3 Day (18- hour) Intensive Course inc test fee of £62 (payable to the DVSA)

For someone with reasonable car control who needs to develop their ability and polish up manoeuvres. 

Manual: £620.00

 Automatic: £ 638.00

4 Day (24- hour) Intensive Course inc test fee of £62 (payable to the DVSA)

 For somebody who has good car control but needs to learn and practice manoeuvres. 

Manual: £806.00

 Automatic: £830.00

5 Day (30- hour) Intensive Course inc test fee of £62 (payable to the DVSA)

For a new driver with limited driving experience, who has already had approximately 10 hours or more of driving. 

Manual: £992.00

 Automatic: £ 1022.00

6 Day (36- hour) Intensive Course with test

For a novice driver with little or no previous experience. 

Manual: £1178.00

 Automatic: £ 1214.00

All Intensive Courses INCLUDE the cost of the 1st driving test (£62)


Please note that we cannot send confirmation of bookings until we receive a deposit for your course (25% of the course price). 

The balance of your course fees must be paid 28 days prior to your course commencing. No refund will be made if courses are cancelled without 28 days notice. 

Any balances refunded will incur a 10% administration and handling charge.