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Hi, I'm Matt Shurmer and I'm the owner of your #1  local driving school. 

We offer high quality structured driving lessons in Bromley at a competitive price with great results!

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135 passes already in 2019!

(88% of our pupils this year have passed 1st or 2nd attempt) 

Over 1000 Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews Bromley


Free Theory Test online training

We offer our pupils FULL FREE access to both Theory Test Pro and Go Theory for 6 months.

Learners using Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass than the national average. Go Theory is particularly good for those with specific educational needs.

Speak to Matt or Jazz to receive FULL FREE access!

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Test Cancellation Checker


Discounted access (20% off) to a reputable online Test Cancellation Checker (useful if you need to re- test) or need to get an earlier test date 

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Free access to our partner site- confidentdrivers.co.uk


If you suffer from nerves or anxiety, both when you are driving and also generally in life, then you will find something on this site to help you! 

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Nerves and Anxiety Stress Buster PDF, AND Top 10 Reasons for Failing your Driving Test PDF

 Stress busting PDF that will enable you to perform at your best on your driving test.

'Pass Your Test Quicker' PDF Resource

 We'll provide you with a link to get free online access to the 'Know Your Traffic Signs' book. 

Free ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’ online

 We'll provide you with a link to get free online access to the 'Know Your Traffic Signs' book. 


Who will you trust? Customer Reviews Bromley Abi S

"I chose Matt Shurmer Driving School because I had a recommendation for Dean as a driving instructor. I was very nervous and apprehensive about learning to drive, as I had previously had driving lessons with another school and didn’t feel confident with driving at all, so I was quite daunted.
Learning to drive with Dean was much easier and I stopped dreading driving lessons. Throughout the course of learning with Dean, I grew in confidence. Dean is very calm, always allowing me to make my own decisions and has fully prepared me to be a safe driver on my own and I now look forward to and enjoy driving, which is a point I never thought I would reach.
Dean always asks questions to get you to question why you’ve done something or what you should’ve done differently to break you into the mindset of forward planning and decision making, rather than just telling you what to do.
All of the manoeuvres were well taught - instead of following a strict method, Dean taught me to use my own judgement so I will be comfortable with using them in the real world of driving and I actually understood what I was doing and how that was affecting the car. Finally, even when I was hard on myself, Dean was able to reflect some of his positive thinking into me, encouraging me so I believed in myself and passed my test!"


New Pupil Introductory Offer- 8 hours from Only £200.00*

Driving Lessons Bromley Matt Shurmer Driving School Customer Reviews

(Save at least £24.00- sold as four 2- hour lessons)

*A £10.00 premium is applied for evening/ weekend lessons

 *This offer is only available for provisional licence holders 

Read our Local Customer Reviews and let our pupils tell you why it's the best move you'll ever make when looking for driving lessons in Bromley!

Customer Reviews Bromley

Standard Prices


Monday- Friday 9-5 

£28.00 per hour 'Pay As You Go'

£215.00/ 8 Hours In Advance (saving £9.00)

Evening/ Weekend:

£32.00 Pay As You Go 

£240.00/ 8 Hours In Advance (saving £16.00) 


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Why choose us to teach you? Customer Reviews Bromley Ashwanee R

"The main reason I chose Matt Shurmer Driving School was because I read the reviews and feedback from previous learners. 
When I decided to learn Matt Shurmer was my first choice but there were no availabilities at the time. Hence I ended up taking lessons from other instructors and I did not see any progress in my driving. Instead I used to feel less confident than I was before, to a point where I would be scared on the day of my lesson in case my confidence got shattered further.
I decided to try Matt Shurmer Driving School again and I was so happy when I received a phone call from Matt. Fran has been very patient and calm throughout. After reading the reviews from the Matt Shurmer Driving School website I was hoping to get her and I did.
She helped me overcome my fear of driving and I cannot thank her enough. I had started enjoying my lessons and feeling happy to be behind the wheel despite the mistakes I was doing.
Learning to drive has been a challenging journey for me and Fran plays a big part in it. I feel much better and more confident about driving and I am looking forward to it. I will always remember Fran for being very supportive. I would definitely recommend Fran to anyone because of the patience, support and reassurance she gave me during the time I was learning. I personally could not have expected anything more from the Matt Shurmer Driving School or Fran."


Driving School Bromley | Top Rated Customer Reviews


  • We have both male and female instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition and driving lessons
  • We offer both manual and automatic instructors providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions
  • Many students search for an instructor on a 'near me' basis but we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest
  • It can be a big mistake to choose schools who are the cheapest and buying on price alone may cost you more to learn in the long run as you may need more lessons than if you learnt with us
  • Private instruction is available for women with our registered female instructors
  • Block booking is a firm favourite.

Driving tuition might seem like a straightforward process that can be formulated and systematically applied to each student. In actuality every individual pupil learns at different rates and with different teaching methods.   

When you are picking a driving school, steer clear of ‘one size fits all’ attitudes, as a good instructor should be able to adapt to all learning styles. Matt Shurmer Driving School takes this a step further, by offering completely client-centred lessons. Not only are you not given a set lesson structure to work through but you have the freedom to dictate when you progress, or whether you feel like a certain area could use more work.

For instance at Matt Shurmer Driving School you will never be put under pressure to complete a task you don’t feel ready to do.  Our instructors pride themselves on being flexible and dynamic to deliver the best lessons for each respective pupil. 

There are lots of factors to consider when you are making that all-important decision of which driving school to pick.  Some people wrongly assume that the choice isn’t so important, as much as the work you are willing to put into learning. This is not the case. Your driving instructor can accelerate your learning, or they can actually impede it and set you back.   

When it comes to investing your own hard-earned money, or your parents’ money into driving lessons you want to make sure you are going to get great value for money! The instructor who is closest to your house may be tempting but you may be surprised to hear that proximity really doesn’t matter. In fact most driving instructors will pick you up and drop you back off at your house for your lesson provided they cover your area at no extra charge. Distance shouldn’t be a huge factor for this reason but reviews and recommendations should demand your attention.   

Look at what previous pupils have to say – what were their favourite things about the instructor? If there are a large number of past students singing praises for the instructor then you’re off to a good start. 

We have 15 different fully-qualified driving instructors that are CRB/ DBS checked and registered for your complete peace of mind.  

We have both male and female driving instructors (some women feel more comfortable being taught by another woman, and we respect that), and each of them can be seen on the ‘Meet Our Team’ page on our website. You can learn more about them from a short biography, and read what their students had to say. If you can’t find any feedback from past pupils when you are looking at instructors from other schools, proceed with caution! 

Matt Shurmer Driving School has been established since 2007 and is an experienced and trustworthy driving school with a well-earned reputation in the local area. 

New drivers especially rate Matt Shurmer Driving School very highly but full licence holders may also enjoy taking a refresher course to revisit their driving skills.  

Most importantly student success is at the forefront of what we do and we hope that whichever driving school you opt for that your journey in getting your licence pays off.  


Are you nervous or anxious?

Nervous anxious driver

We Can Help!

We have teamed up with confidentdrivers.co.uk to give you free access to their online program.

Learn to stay Calm and Confident while driving

Relaxation Audios

Breathing Exercises

Positive self-talk



Meridian Tapping
6- week Mindfulness Course

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Driving Lessons, Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in Bromley and surrounding areas.

For your safety and reassurance, all of our instructors are DBS (CRB) checked and FULLY qualified.

You can choose between male and female driving instructors in most areas.

All about Bromley

Bromley is considered as one of the major metropolitan centres of London. 

Though it is the London borough and is an administrative headquarters, it shares Kent’s Postal Codes. Historically it was a market town located on the coaching route of railway. The public transport especially the railway has become very instrumental in transforming the town into a commercial city. 

Bromley is connected to London via railway. There are two railway stations. Bromley South station services to London Victoria and London St. Pancras and other stations. Bromley North station services to London Bridge and Charing Cross. It has become an important and biggest metropolitan London Borough.


It is easy to travel to Bromley from London via shuttle connections from South and North stations. The bus services is also great. The buses take passengers to many other towns and cities. 

Bromley Tourism When it comes to exploring the important places in Bromley, the list goes on and on. 

There are parks, farms, forests, countryside woodland, caves, gardens, and open spaces. The town has many historic Grade I listed buildings, palaces, and museums withstanding the historic and heritage significance of the area dating back to several centuries. 

Bromley has entertainment centres where people enjoy dancing, music, games, eating, drinking, etc. The shopping malls and markets serve a great place to shop gifts, electrical, electronics, appliances, decorative things, fashion wear, jewellery, and several other articles. Various shopping festivals are arranged where people enjoy shopping, dining, music, dance, etc. The Glades, Bromley Charter Town Centre Market, The Walnuts Shopping Centre, and High Street are the most busiest shopping destinations in Bromley with lots of banks, service centres, chemists, vegetables, fruit sellers, boutiques, clothing, etc. along with fast food, snacks, take-away outlets, restaurants, bars, and pubs. 

Bromley is known for its historic heritage. There are several palaces, museums, and historic buildings listed as Grade I. Visiting to these building offers a royal feel and ancient touch. Downe House, Bromley Museum, Chislehurst Caves, The Bromley College, Biggin Hill Memorial Museum and many other parks and gardens are the best destinations in Bromley for the history lovers. 

Bromley is known for the parks and leisure centres. There are many parks, farms, woodland, forest and countryside destinations where tourists prefer visiting while exploring Bromley and London. Some of the great parks and nature reserves of Bromley are:

  • High Elms Country Park
  • Goggington Park
  • Church House Garden
  • Queens Gardens
  • Elmstead Woods
  • Christmas Tree Farm
  • Bromley Park
  • Chislehurst Caves
  • Becknham Odean Cinema
  • Crystal Palace Park
  • Foal Farm

​Visit Bromley and explore its gems. Bromley a district of South East London England was historically a market town chartered since 1158. It was an ancient parish in the country of Kent. Today, it is best known as the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Bromley. It is best known as a major metropolitan centre in the London Plan.  

Being located in the Kent country, it shares Kent Postal code.  

About Bromley Market : The area is a fascinating place for the tourist as it boasts several places of interest from the historic, heritage, cultural, shopping, entertainment, leisure, fun, and relaxation point of view. There are many retail shops, branded outlets, malls, shopping centres, in the area. The Glades, The Walnut Shopping Centre, Bromley Charter Town Centre Market, and High Street attracts the tourists where they can enjoy shopping.

About Bromley Transport Facilities
As it is a major metropolitan centre there is a great network of railways and roadways. There are two railway stations connecting to the West End and Bromley. The southern part of Bromley lies towards the main railway line from Dover that enjoys fast services of local trains to Blackfriars and Victoria. Northern part of Bromley is connected to London Bridge, London Charing Cross and Cannot Street. Bus services are really good in Bromley. 

Bromley can easily accessed by the tourists coming by aeroplane. London Air Port is the nearest airport, from where tourists can easily catch the taxi or bus or train and travel to Bromley hassle-free. Bromley also enjoys excellent tramlink services.

About Bromley Sports
There are numerous sports facilities and sports clubs where one can learn and enjoy playing his or her favourite game.  
The sports clubs and sports complexes in Bromley are:

  • Bromley Golf Centre
  • Bromley Tennis Centre
  • Kent Country Cricket Club
  • High Elms Golf House
  • Bromley Indoor Bowls Centre
  • Bromley Football Club
  • HAKA Sports Complex
  • Darwin Leisure Centre

Hockey pitches, football pitches, cricket pitches, tennis courts, and golf courses are readily available in Bromley.

Bromley- dining and drinking
You have a variety of restaurnts where you can enjoy the food from different parts of the world. Here you are served with Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and English food choice options. Rather, Bromley is a place where you can enjoy flavours of all the continents. To list some of the best names where you can enjoy food and drinks are:

  • Café Rough Bromley, a French restaurant
  • Aqua Bromley, a Mediterranean restaurant
  • Sanxia, a Chinese restaurant
  • Tamasha, an Indian restaurant
  • Desperados Petts Wood, a Mexican restaurant
  • Toby Carvery Crown, a British restaurant
  • Assos Bromley, a Mediterranean restaurant
  • Beckenham Curry Club, an Indian restaurant

Bromley has great history. It was first recorded in a charter of 862 as Bromleag means ‘Woodland Clearing Where Brooms Grows’. The history of Bromley is very rich. There are many historical sites and monuments still preserved by the Bromley government. Some of the important historic heritage are:

  • Manor of Bromley
  • Downe House, the home of Charles Darwin
  • Bromley Museum
  • The Bromley College
  • Chislehurst Caves

Apart from these historic collections there are many more historic buildings standing nearby Bromley such as:

  • Eltham Palace, 3.3 miles away
  • Hall Palace and Gardens, 6.9 miles away
  • Titsey Place, 8.8 miles away
  • Westminster Cathedral, 9.1 miles away
  • Buckingham Palace, 9.4 miles away
  • Fanton House and Gardens, 4.1 miles away
  • Kenwood House, 4.7 miles away
  • Kew Palace, 6.9 miles away

It is great to visit these historical palaces where one can explore its history and culture. It was historically a market town chartered since 1158. From that time the area has undergone several improvement and development. As a part of suburban growth of London in 20th century, Bromley significantly shifted from agrarian village to retail and commerce. It was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1903 and has become a part of Greater London since 1965. Most parts of Bromley including the town centre comes under the BR1 postcode district, while west and southern areas like Bromley Common, Hayes, Shortlands, and Keston falls under BR2 postal codes.  

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