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Hi, I'm Matt Shurmer and I'm the owner of your #1  local driving school. 

We offer high quality structured driving lessons in Bromley at a competitive price with great results!

Look at our Local Customer Reviews where our pupils do our talking for us.

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'New Pupil' Introductory Offer: 8 hours from Only £200.00!

(sold as four 2- hour lessons)

Add £5.00 for Evening/ Weekend

220 driving test passes already in 2018

(86% of our pupils have passed 1st or 2nd attempt)

*This offer is only available for provisional licence holders6

Local Test passes Bromley

Customer Reviews Bromley Abi S

"I chose Matt Shurmer Driving School because I had a recommendation for Dean as a driving instructor. I was very nervous and apprehensive about learning to drive, as I had previously had driving lessons with another school and didn’t feel confident with driving at all, so I was quite daunted.
Learning to drive with Dean was much easier and I stopped dreading driving lessons. Throughout the course of learning with Dean, I grew in confidence. Dean is very calm, always allowing me to make my own decisions and has fully prepared me to be a safe driver on my own and I now look forward to and enjoy driving, which is a point I never thought I would reach.
Dean always asks questions to get you to question why you’ve done something or what you should’ve done differently to break you into the mindset of forward planning and decision making, rather than just telling you what to do.
All of the manoeuvres were well taught - instead of following a strict method, Dean taught me to use my own judgement so I will be comfortable with using them in the real world of driving and I actually understood what I was doing and how that was affecting the car. Finally, even when I was hard on myself, Dean was able to reflect some of his positive thinking into me, encouraging me so I believed in myself and passed my test!"



Read our Local Customer Reviews and let our pupils tell you why it's the best move you'll ever make when looking for driving lessons in Bromley!

Standard Prices

Manual- Monday- Friday 9-5 

£28.00 per hour 'Pay As You Go'

£215.00/ 8 Hours In Advance (saving £9.00)

£32.00 Pay As You Go
£240.00/ 8 Hours In Advance (saving £16.00)


Monday- Friday 

£30.00 Pay As You Go 

£230.00/ 8 Hours in Advance (Saving £10.00)




£240.00/8 Hours In Advance (Saving £16.00)

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Customer Reviews Bromley Ashwanee R

"The main reason I chose Matt Shurmer Driving School was because I read the reviews and feedback from previous learners. 
When I decided to learn Matt Shurmer was my first choice but there were no availabilities at the time. Hence I ended up taking lessons from other instructors and I did not see any progress in my driving. Instead I used to feel less confident than I was before, to a point where I would be scared on the day of my lesson in case my confidence got shattered further.
I decided to try Matt Shurmer Driving School again and I was so happy when I received a phone call from Matt. Fran has been very patient and calm throughout. After reading the reviews from the Matt Shurmer Driving School website I was hoping to get her and I did.
She helped me overcome my fear of driving and I cannot thank her enough. I had started enjoying my lessons and feeling happy to be behind the wheel despite the mistakes I was doing.
Learning to drive has been a challenging journey for me and Fran plays a big part in it. I feel much better and more confident about driving and I am looking forward to it. I will always remember Fran for being very supportive. I would definitely recommend Fran to anyone because of the patience, support and reassurance she gave me during the time I was learning. I personally could not have expected anything more from the Matt Shurmer Driving School or Fran."


8 awesome reasons why you should at least talk to us!

1. All of your driving lessons will have a clear and defined objective:
-no aimless 'driving around' with no idea of what you are trying to achieve.

2. You will learn faster and save money with our modern teaching styles.

3. Regular recaps both during and at the end of your driving lesson that will speed up your learning process.

4. Your learning will be interactive:
-our instructors will actively encourage your questions to clarify any misunderstandings that you may have.

5. Our driving lessons are priced by the hour:
-some local companies may look cheaper than us, but they only teach 50 minute lessons.

6. All of our pupils get free and unlimited access to our online theory site:
-so no need to buy any apps, discs or books

7. You will have the option to take 2- hour lessons:
-this will give you best value for money and reduce your learning period.

8. You will have the option to book a regular weekly driving lesson at a time convenient to you:
-statistics show that regular weekly lessons will give you continuity and
greatly increase your chances of a 1st time pass.

"What else can I do to convince you that we really are your best option to gaining your full license and the 

all important independence that goes with it?"



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