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Practical Test Cancellation Checker

Need to find an earlier driving test?

We have teamed up with Driving Test Cancellations 4 All to help you find an earlier driving test.

Money- Back

They do the hard work so you don't have to!

They give you your money back if they can't find you an earlier test.

Check with your Instructor!

Always check with your Instructor before using this service. Your instructor will tell you any dates and times that they cannot do which you can put into the system.

Here are some quick answers to common questions:

I've already booked my practical driving test – can you help me find an earlier test?

 Yes, they can! Sign-up with them, enter your preferences for where and when you want your test, then sit back and wait for them to notify you of an earlier test. 

I haven't yet booked my practical driving test – can they help me find me something soon?

 Very likely- they find tests for almost all of their customers and they'll refund your payment if they're unable to find you a test. There's no software to download and they notify you by text and email every time they find a test you may be interested in - if you see a test you like just reply with 'book' and your test will be changed! 

If I contact the DVSA will they be able to tell me what cancellations are available?

 No, the DVSA do not have a cancellations list and the DVSA telephone operators see exactly the same test availability as you do if you use the DVSA online booking site - they cannot search for cancellations. 

Can I find cancellations myself?

 You can certainly try but you'll need to spend a lot of time logging into the DVSA site to see if suitable slots are available - cancellations tend to be snapped up very quickly which is why the service is so useful. 

The benefits of using the service include:

One-off fee of £18.00 for tests until you PASS

They check for tests while you do something more interesting

An earlier driving test or your money back

As many test changes as you need- unlimited use until you PASS your test

Notifications by email and either text message or our mobile app

Option to automatically book a test if it matches your preferences

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