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OVER 1000 LOCAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS. 13 PASSES already in 2020!

OVER 1000 LOCAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS. 13 PASSES already in 2020!

OVER 1000 LOCAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS. 13 PASSES already in 2020!OVER 1000 LOCAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS. 13 PASSES already in 2020!OVER 1000 LOCAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS. 13 PASSES already in 2020!



Over 1000 local customer reviews! Who will you trust with your tuition?

Hi, I'm Matt Shurmer and I'm the owner of your local driving school. 

We offer high quality structured automatic driving lessons in Dartford DA1 DA5 and DA7 at a competitive price with great results!

Look at our Local Customer Reviews where our pupils do our talking for us.

Call now: 01322 686135

13 Test Passes already in 2020!

223 passes in 2019!

(90% of our pupils passed their driving test on the 1st or 2nd attempt)  

Over 1000 Local Customer Reviews


New Pupil Introductory Offer: 4 Hours from just £99*

*A £10 premium is applied for evening or weekend lessons

Read our Local Customer Reviews and let our pupils tell you why it's the best move you'll ever make when looking for high quality automatic driving lessons in Dartford.

*This offer is only available for provisional licence holders

 Standard Prices- Automatic 

Monday- Friday 9-5 

£27 per hour

Evening or Weekend:

£30 per hour

* We currently only offer Automatic lessons in this area.

Our most recent Dartford passes and reviews

Intensive Driving Lessons Dartford | Daniel P

Intensive Driving Lessons Dartford | Daniel P

Congratulations to Daniel P of Dartford on passing his practical driving test today 14th November 2019 at the FIRST attempt with 6 driving faults. 

 Intensive Driving Lessons Dartford 

Driving Instructors Near Me Dartford | Beth T

Driving Instructors Near Me Dartford | Beth T

Congratulations to Beth T of Dartford on passing her practical driving test today 12th September 2019 FIRST TIME with only 2 driving faults. 

"Scott was always so patient with how he taught and he knew how to calm me down if I got stressed at all. I would recommend you to others because off the way you knew how to help me in certain different situations but I thought it was amazing how I learnt a lot quicker than I thought." 

 Driving Instructors Near Me Dartford 

Driving Schools Near Me Dartford | Ben A


Congratulations to Ben A of Dartford on passing his practical driving test today 5th September 2019 at the FIRST ATTEMPT with just 2 driving faults.  

 Driving Schools Near Me Dartford 

Driving Lessons Near Me Dartford | Connor B

Driving Lessons Near Me Dartford | Connor B

Congratulations to Connor B of Dartford who passed his practical driving test today 29th August 2019 at the 2nd attempt with just 6 driving faults.

Driving Lessons Near Me Dartford 

Matt Shurmer Driving School Dartford | Maria B

Matt Shurmer Driving School Dartford | Maria B

Congratulations to Maria B of Dartford who passed her practical driving test today 19th August 2019 FIRST TIME with 7 driving faults.  

"I liked Dave's teaching methods because he stayed very calm when I was doing things wrong and he was very easy to talk to. I also really appreciated his constant positivity and the way he really helped me to believe in myself when I was struggling." 

 Matt Shurmer Driving School Dartford 

Driving Instructors Dartford | Alex G

Driving Instructors Dartford | Alex G

A huge congratulations to Alex G of Dartford for passing his practical driving test today 5th August with just 2 driving faults. 

 "I originally expected it to be tough and hard. Graham's teaching methods were really good and they helped me understand what had to be done and how to do everything. It made it a lot simpler!"

 Driving Instructors Dartford 


Free Theory Test online training

 We offer our pupils FULL FREE access to Go Theory for 6 months.

Go Theory is a fantastic system for pupils of all learning abilities, and is also particularly good for those with specific educational needs.

Speak to Matt, Jazz, or your instructor to receive FULL FREE access!

Test Cancellation Checker

Discounted access (20% off) to a reputable online Test Cancellation Checker (useful if you need to re- test) or need to get an earlier test date  

Free access to our partner site- confidentdrivers.co.uk

 If you suffer from nerves or anxiety, both when you are driving and also generally in life, then you will find something on this site to help you! 

Nerves and Anxiety Stress Buster PDF, AND Top 10 Reasons for Failing your Driving Test PDF

This free stress busting PDF will enable you to perform at your best on your driving test.

'Pass Your Test Quicker' PDF Resource

 This free PDF will hugely help you to plan ahead for a topic you will be covering, or recapping on a topic already covered, which will help you to save time and money in your learning

Free ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’ online

 We'll provide you with a link to get free online access to the 'Know Your Traffic Signs' book. 

8 Awesome Reasons why you should at least talk to us!

 1. All of your driving lessons will have a clear and defined objective:
-no aimless 'driving around' with no idea of what you are trying to achieve.

2. You will learn faster and save money with our modern teaching styles.

3. Regular recaps both during and at the end of your driving lesson that will speed up your learning process.

4. Your learning will be interactive:
-our instructors will actively encourage your questions to clarify any misunderstandings that you may have.

5. Our driving lessons are priced by the hour:
-some local companies may look cheaper than us, but they only teach 50 minute lessons.

6. All of our pupils get free and unlimited access to our online theory site:
-so no need to buy any apps, discs or books

7. You will have the option to take 2- hour driving lessons:
-this will give you best value for money and reduce your learning period.

8. You will have the option to book a regular weekly driving lesson at a time convenient to you:
-statistics show that regular weekly lessons will give you continuity and
greatly increase your chances of a 1st time pass.

"What else can I do to convince you that we really are your best option to gaining your full license and the all important independence that goes with it?

In the event that you are not completely happy with the service and tuition you receive,
I will personally arrange a refund."

Automatic Driving School Dartford | Top Rated Customer Reviews

  •  We have both male and female instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended driving lessons.

  • We offer both manual and automatic cars instructors providing affordable lessons for beginners and refresher sessions.

  • Many students search for an instructor on a 'near me' basis but we pick up and drop off in your local area so we don’t have to be the nearest.

  • It can be a big mistake to choose schools who are the cheapest and buying on price alone may cost you more to learn in the long run as you may need more lessons than if you learnt with us.

Driving tuition might seem like a straightforward process that can be formulated and systematically applied to each student. In actuality every individual pupil learns at different rates and with different teaching methods. When you are picking a driving school, steer clear of ‘one size fits all’ attitudes, as a good instructor should be able to adapt to all learning styles.

Matt Shurmer Driving School takes this a step further, by offering completely client-centred lessons. Not only are you not given a set lesson structure to work through but you have the freedom to express whether you feel like a certain area could use more work.

For instance at Matt Shurmer Driving School you will never be put under pressure to complete a task you don’t feel ready to do. 

 Our instructors pride themselves on being flexible and dynamic to deliver the best lessons for each respective pupil. 

There are lots of factors to consider when you are making that all-important decision of which driving school to pick.  Some people wrongly assume that the choice isn’t so important, as much as the work you are willing to put into learning. This is not the case. Your driving instructor can accelerate your learning, or they can actually impede it and set you back.   

When it comes to investing your own hard-earned money, or your parents’ money into driving lessons you want to make sure you are going to get great value for money! The instructor who is closest to your house may be tempting but you may be surprised to hear that proximity really doesn’t matter. In fact most driving instructors will pick you up and drop you back off at your house for your lesson provided they cover your area at no extra charge.

Distance shouldn’t be a huge factor for this reason but reviews and recommendations should demand your attention.  Look at what previous pupils have to say – what were their favourite things about the instructor? If there are a large number of past students singing praises for the instructor then you’re off to a good start. 

We have 22 different fully-qualified driving instructors that are CRB/ DBS checked and registered for your complete peace of mind.  We have both male and female driving instructors (some women feel more comfortable being taught by another woman, and we respect that), and each of them can be seen on the ‘Meet Our Team’ page on our website. You can learn more about them from a short biography, and read what their students had to say. If you can’t find any feedback from past pupils when you are looking at instructors from other schools, proceed with caution! 

Matt Shurmer Driving School has been established since 2007 and is an experienced and trustworthy driving school with a well-earned reputation in the local area. 

 Most importantly student success is at the forefront of what we do and we hope that whichever driving school you opt for that your journey in getting your licence pays off! 

 Automatic Driving Instructors, Automatic Driving Schools and Automatic Driving Lessons in Dartford DA1 DA5 and DA7.

For your safety and reassurance, all of our instructors are DBS (CRB) checked and FULLY qualified.

You can choose between male and female driving instructors in most areas.

Driving Lessons in Dartford

Matt Shurmer Driving School 

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