Win £100 of any vouchers of your choice

Win £100 of any voucher of your choice


Hi- thanks for watching the video.

Below are the links to leave a review- remember, if you leave a review on any one of the google pages, then you get 4 entries into the draw. If you also write a Facebook review, then you get another 2 entries. And if you complete the set with a yell review, this gives you 2 more entries. So you could earn a total of 8 entries.

If you have already left a review within Google then you have automatically been given 3 entries into the draw, so no need to do the Google ones again.

You can write the same review for all 3!

If you are struggling for ideas on what to write- here are a few ideas:

Who was your instructor? 

How did learning to drive compare with what you expected? 

What did you think of your instructor’s teaching methods? 

Would you recommend us?

 Why would you recommend us?

The draw will be made live on Facebook at 12pm on 24th December 2018- who is going to get a lovely Christmas bonus? 

The more reviews you leave- one in Google, one in Facebook, and one in Yell the more chances you have.